Moon Ik-hwan life

There are some people who do not speak the words when we want to talk about them. They are very few, but few of them have overcome many categories. The uniqueness of the personality, the leadership, the firmness and the passion for a cause and the precious and precious payment for it, and even more to pay your freedom as a reward for what you believe in is All we can say when we talk about Reverend Moon Ike Hwan, who passed away at the age of seventy-six years, was a long journey to the monk full of struggle and struggle for what he believes in. In fact the case that fought his entire life for her is an issue that may seem simple In the eyes of some but for most Koreans was a matter of life or death is the issue of harmony Between two peoples separated only by borders and walls, but they are closely linked to one another. The only thing he wanted was to annex North and South Korea under one umbrella to become a single independent state instead of separating the two peoples of one origin, one language and one culture.

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The Korean authorities have arrested the Rev. Moon more than once. In fact, he has arrested him five times, thinking that it can dim the light of his case, but he thought it was inappropriate. The prison only made him stronger, more faithful and related to his cause and the issues of all the struggling peoples. Evisa

The Reverend Mon

He is the son of the Rev. Moon Jay and grew up in the Korean independence movement, which is based in his hometown where he grew up.

He participated in many protests, and not only participated, he was a leader, he was born a natural leader and transferred his talent to his son Mun Song Kyon, the famous South Korean actor, it is no wonder that this cub of that lion

He received a master’s degree from one of the most prestigious institutes of theology, the Princeton Theological Institute in America. After obtaining this degree he decided to return to his beloved country to lecture on the Old Testament and his interpretations, but that was not his real passion.

Because he devoted therest of his life not to lecture, but to lead demonstrations demanding the
unification of North Korea with South Korea

An unpleasant visit

When he decided to enter the North Korean territories without waiting for his state to adopt that decision, the authorities decided to punish him for his privilege of serving five years in prison. For his meetings with leaders from the other side of the border, he was deprived of his freedom. It is worth mentioning that South Korean law at the time prohibited any means of communication With the owners of
Communist ideology

In addition to his struggle and lecture at universities, he also translated the Bible into his old era and his new era of Korean

In love of Moon

When we look at history carefully, we find that all that is required to make a difference in the world or in the history of mankind is only one thing, one person or one event and the pastor was one of those unique events. History includes among his pages with revolutionaries all that was prevalent, And the tyranny of revolutionaries on military dictatorships and religious theocracy. The name of the Rev. Moon must be engraved in gold letters with Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, with Mao Si Tung, Salvador Dali, Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King, the words are truly worthless, and all we can learn from his life and experience “Be the Change” Be the change you love to see Oh, in others, yourself and the world Be the light in the darkness Be the bond of time of distress, fought for your cause, history only recognizes the oved ones